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Why your talent management strategy should focus on renewable energy in 2020

10th March 2020 | Phil Johnson

Why your talent management strategy should focus on renewable energy in 2020

The energy industry is a world away from the fossil-fuelled land of drills and petroleum that it was a few decades ago; the future is decidedly green, and there are no signs of this changing anytime soon.

In the UK, for example, more energy is now created from zero-carbon sources than fossil fuels, for the very first time since the industrial revolution that sparked the worldwide oil craze that we are all so familiar with. And it doesn’t stop there, with the UK set to construct the largest wind farm in the world just off the coast of Yorkshire, in the North Sea, it’s plain to see that the commitment to renewable energy goes far beyond promises and regulations – impactful action is being taken by the government and businesses across the UK and beyond. 

It is clear that now is the time for your energy business to part ways with its dirty old friend fossil fuels and look towards a more eco-conscious future. The best way to do this? Focus your talent management strategy on renewable energy in 2020. 

So, why exactly should I adjust my talent management strategy to focus on renewable energy?

The reasons for ensuring that your business is actively seeking out talent with experience in renewable energy are many, with the most important amongst them being: 

  • To find forward-thinking and adaptable leaders 
  • To stay abreast of technological changes in renewable energy 
  • To prepare for a green future 

To find forward-thinking and adaptable leaders

As ever, it is important to be continually on the lookout for the brightest and most talented leaders that will be able to take your business forward in the complicated world of energy, while being an effective team leader. 

This is where talent in the renewable energy sector could be incredibly beneficial for your business. As these individuals are already working in an industry that looks and plans for the future of the world of energy, it is likely that they already have strong skills in being adaptable and thinking about what the next best step is. 

It is absolutely invaluable for you to seek out talent that possesses these skills, as they will help your business to set goals that will take your business into a future that will inarguably favour renewable energy. This will ensure that your business is future-proofed and will remain profitable in years to come. 

To stay abreast of technological changes in renewable energy

Utilising talent management to drive innovation in the renewable energy sector is something that I’ve previously discussed; the renewable energy sector is a hotbed for technological innovation. It is continuously moving in terms of new discoveries, equipment and ways of generating power in the most efficient and low-impact way. 

This knowledge is vital to help your business remain competitive and relevant to your customers, as well as ensuring that you are offering products that will stand your business in good stead both now and in the future. 

By adjusting your talent management strategy to seek out leaders in the renewable energy space, you are equipping your business with key industry knowledge that can help to drive change on an organisational scale to keep you on the cusp of innovation in the energy sector.

To prepare for a green future

There is no denying that the future of energy lies in renewable, eco-conscious sources. The only question is; will your business be prepared to meet a green future, and soon? 

The only way to know that your business will be able to adapt and diversify its offering in preparation for this is to adjust your talent management strategy. By doing this, you can position your strategy to find thought leaders in the renewable energy sector who can lead your business into the age of renewables, while remaining competitive and – importantly – profitable. 

Finding a leader who can help your business to prepare for a greener future will stand your business in good stead, and help you to diversify and develop naturally in line with market changes in the energy sector.

In conclusion

The growing popularity and prevalence of renewable energy is making it more crucial than ever for energy businesses to seek out top leaders in the wider energy sector. 

Such leaders can be hard to find, which is what makes utilising talent management professionals so crucial. Here at Goodall Brazier, our specialist talent management experts have spent years building connections with leaders in the renewable energy sector from across the world. 

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help your business with an effective talent management strategy.