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Why should the c-suite understand search marketing?

16th September 2018 | Richard Goodall

Why should the c-suite understand search marketing?

With the c-suite on the main firing line for delivering growth for a business, they must understand the importance of search marketing and the possibilities for expansion that it can offer. Although it may sound straight-forward, search marketing requires specialist knowledge to oversee the practices to ensure the strategy is implemented properly.

No other discipline has been able to deliver growth which is as sustainable and profitable as search marketing, over the past decade. Therefore, if a c-suite is completely devoid of search marketing knowledge, they open themselves up to losing stakeholders to competitors who have considered the practice and risk falling behind the curve.

What is search marketing?

Google currently handles more than 1.3 trillion searches each year. On average, around 51% of traffic arrives at a website via an organic search, whereby a user has inputted a query, question or keyword into a search engine and clicked on one of the websites displayed as a result.
Search marketing can include organic optimisation which relies on a significant number of elements, both on and offsite, which primarily aim to drive traffic and provide a good user experience. Organic search is ‘technically’ free to do, but does rely on the employment of a person or a whole team of experts who understand Google algorithms and how to create an effective plan in line with a companies objectives.
Search marketing can also include paid elements, for example, Google Adwords. This is Google’s own advertising system, which allows companies (or advertisers as they are referred to) to bid on relative keywords to their brand. Depending on a number of factors, which includes the bid amount and the overall relevance of the site to the keywords bid upon, the site will appear as a clickable ad within Google search results. Again, this requires a professional paid search specialist in order to get the best results.

Why should the c-suite consider search marketing?

Search is increasingly becoming a prominent discussion topic in the boardroom. People are quickly realising that search marketing does not exist in isolation from other marketing efforts. Converging with the likes of social media, content, user experience and a myriad of other channels, it simply cannot be omitted, especially now.
Search marketing is all about the customer and for the c-suite, stakeholders should be one of the first and foremost considerations when it comes to creating business objectives. Growth is always at the heart of c-suite overarching objectives and therefore, failure to consider search marketing within the wider strategy would be foolish. 
The marketing department will always be tasked with delivering business growth, as a primary goal and therefore search marketing can offer a significantly affordable and accessible method of doing this.
Search marketing is also an ongoing process, meaning an investment in this will continue to deliver providing practices are refreshed and reconsidered on a regular basis. This offers a sustainable approach to ensuring the company remains front of mind for stakeholders in line with the relevant search terms and ensuring that the online presence is offering an optimal user experience.