Is digitalisation the way forward for improving oil and gas talent management?

With the oil and gas sector increasingly discussing the impending implementation of digitalisation it looks to effect significant areas of the industry including efficiency, safety and improving visibility. However, the discussion now moves to the benefit of technology within both recruitment and talent management systems.

The increased use of technology and digital systems looks to engage more effectively with the younger and more technology savvy generation of workers, who are seemingly snubbing the industry instead choosing forward-thinking tech companies who offer them workplaces with boundless progression and an even more progressive working environment.

Through radically pushing oil and gas businesses into the modern day through digitalisation, the industry can tackle the issues that they face both in sourcing and securing talent. It also looks to support retention and growth to better benefit the business and enable companies to become future-proof.

The future of the oil and gas industry

Following a GETI 2018 report, the findings revealed that those operating in the sector did, in fact, welcome the prospect of digitalisation, noting that this could benefit their recruitment efforts and better allow them to benefit their employees by using these technologies.

Digitalisation offers a plethora of opportunities to improve employees working lives, from flexible and remote working to the capability to access training materials anywhere, anytime using any system they choose. These changes may not seem so important to the existing or more senior workforce, however, Millennials favour these life/work balance opportunities that allow them to work in the way they want whilst also offering them prospects to grow their career continuously and learn new skills.

Furthermore, digitalisation can allow businesses to collect more data on their employees to better understand them alongside machine learning which will allow them to review their processes in order to make internal activities such as offering training which is far more relevant and dynamic.

Achieving better work-life balance

The opportunities that digitalisation brings includes offering workers a better work-life balance and the possibility to work from home or locations outside of the core working environment or office.

The capability to work from anywhere can actually boost the talent attracted to the business and increase diversity within applicants. The capability to work flexibly allows an increased number of people to undertake their roles whilst also being able to maintain their additional responsibilities or personal requirements – from caring for family or children to health problems, working flexibly can be greatly beneficial to a workforce morale, health and happiness.

Opportunities for growth

Where the opportunity to upskill is more present and easily accessible to everyone, businesses will often notice an aligned improvement in employee retention. Particularly within younger generations, employees are now more keen than ever to progress their careers and expedite the process by putting in the hard work and learning the skills at an excelled speed. With the impending changes to overseas recruitment leaving many UK oil and gas companies questioning where they will obtain their future talent, digitalisation within training and upskilling could potentially offer an avenue of hope. By looking at local talent pools, offering apprenticeships and development schemes, businesses can build their workforce of tomorrow, in the exact location that they need them.

Addressing concerns

Finally, digitalisation has faced criticism from some areas for the industry, with concerns mounting over the prospect of technology threatening employment. However, it has been argued that this threat is actually a cultural issue and cannot be attributed to budgetary restrictions. Technology should not be seen as a threat and rather a tool to improve efficiency, productivity, job satisfaction and a resource that enables employees to do a better job and streamline processes which occupy time that could be better spent elsewhere.

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