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Built Environment

The built environment sector relies on new and innovative processes in order to meet consumer demands, meaning the need for intuitive leaders has never been greater. Our learned expertise allows us to access and provide top talent to help businesses thrive in this rapidly changing environment.

Building relationships on a global scale

Goodall Brazier is placed at the forefront of the global built environment sector, and is perfectly positioned to cater to the needs of some of the biggest organisations worldwide.

We understand how difficult it can be to find the right leaders to oversee momentous projects to completion. By keeping our fingers on the pulse of the industry, and using our tailored approach, we have been able to consistently place critical roles in several markets from Superintendents to CEOs.

With a diverse client range of top ENR contractors, we are able to access the most talented individuals in the market who can help to generate winning strategies and bottom-line growth.

Roles in Built Environment

Working exclusively alongside top ENR ranked contractors, we specialise in providing leaders in many sub-sectors including:

  • Aviation
  • Commercial
  • Defence
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Life Sciences
  • Residential
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Transportation

High-Rise, Commercial & Residential

The intricate nature of High-Rise structural projects allows for innovative leaders to stand up and be counted. As demand for these projects increases, it is essential that individuals with increased responsibility are equipped to thrive in a challenging yet rewarding sector. Our candidates are widely adept in all aspects of Commercial Construction and are able to keep up with the most significant scale demands of some of the biggest global retail property corporations.


House Building

With the emergence of affordable housing schemes and inclusionary zoning, house building has rapidly become one of the most fundamental areas of the Construction market. Leaders in this sector must be aware of the exterior and interior expectations of businesses in order to secure business continuity. At Goodall Brazier, our years of experience gives us access to candidates who are able to meet the demands of both the many and the few. Our candidates are experts in keeping up with rapid urbanisation to deliver large-scale projects accurately and on time.



While aircraft teams take care of everything up in the sky, there is a significant requirement for construction businesses to meet the demands of those who opt to use air travel each year. At Goodall Brazier, we source and provide candidates who can deal with these pressures to deliver on client expectations worldwide. The leaders we work with have vast Aviation experience, from light single aircraft airports to substantial international terminals serving millions of passengers every day.



Healthcare facilities are incredibly complicated buildings to design and create. The next generation of construction in this sector must reflect the needs of a more informed patient. With so many considerations in place, including codes of hygiene and highly-advanced technologies, leaders have to work at a superior level to meet deadlines in order to succeed in their respective field. At Goodall Brazier, we work with candidates who have an enhanced knowledge of delivering these projects.



Strict and efficient planning is critical in overseeing federal construction projects. Contributing billions to the wider built environment sector every year, these buildings are some of the most important to modern society. The candidates we work with are highly qualified, with years of experience in maintaining confidentiality to work to strict deadlines and deliver federal projects to completion.


Our experienced team has a continued history of directly contributing to some of the most significant highway projects throughout the US. With populations continually on the rise, it is crucial that the transportation sector continues to flow. Whether it is a rural road or a cross-border highway, the Goodall Brazier Civil Engineering division works across both the public and private sector to help you complete your work ahead of schedule, at a lower cost, and at a higher quality than your competitors.



We have secured and delivered talented leaders who directly contribute to the successful completion of landmark bridge projects from coast to coast. We also specialise in both the engineering and construction of cable-stayed, suspension, movable and arch bridges. No matter how big a project is, whether it’s a single span or a city-defining project, we are consistently at the forefront of the bridge sector throughout the US market.



Rail infrastructure has continually served as the backbone of the Transportation sector, moving equipment, goods, materials and people throughout the US. At Goodall Brazier, our invaluable experience helps us to provide exceptional leaders for businesses across the US market, helping to contribute to major rail projects. We dedicate time and effort to further our understanding of our clients’ needs and aspirations to offer a bespoke executive search service.



The US population is growing rapidly, meaning that alternatives to increasing transportation demands are required. While tunnelling serves as an effective solution to help keep cities moving, it requires talented individuals to oversee projects to completion. This is where we come in. At Goodall Brazier, we understand what our clients want from their employees from engineer to c-suite level to provide the most accurate service. We also have experience in providing top talent for both the design and construction of various tunnelling projects including aviation, rail, water and wastewater.



Our unrivalled knowledge of the dynamic water sector has allowed us to deliver on several critical assignments across the globe. We understand how challenging this industry is, and how finding the right individuals can be the difference between success and failure for a business. Drawing on our expertise in this area, we are able to identify suitable candidates in areas including water & wastewater treatment, EPCs, stormwater and green infrastructure, dams and hydropower and consultancies.