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Sustainability, personalisation and diversity are all critical factors to the success of a Beauty business. With over 30 years of industry knowledge in this sector, we are experts in building relationships with high-profile candidates through our unique talent management process.

A unique and refreshing outlook

Our beauty team at Goodall Brazier are able to offer a unique and refreshing outlook into this exciting and fast-paced industry.

Our consulting experts have covered every facet of the sector and possess superior knowledge of how the market is developing for both multinational corporations and Indie start-ups. Working with our clients as partners means we are able to ascertain precisely what they want from their candidates, constructing an executive search solution to match.

Roles in Beauty

The roles we recruit for in the beauty industry include:

  • CEO, VP & C-Suite
  • Sales
  • Consultancy
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Development
  • Indie Beauty

CEO, VP & C-Suite

We have a proven track record of providing industry experts to take companies to the next level. From Founders to Private Equity organisations, we are experts in delivering effective recruitment solutions.



Our expertise in sales involves identifying candidates in Field Sales Management through to Senior C-suite Executives overseeing operations.



We work closely with our candidates who are available to offer short or long periods of consultancy for businesses. We also provide candidates who are able to offer short-term strategies and solutions.



We specialise in providing recruitment solutions for candidates in Trade Marketing, all the way up to multisite Operations and Director Level positions.


We have placed several senior experienced marketing experts in the beauty industry, with years of experience ranging from digital and e-commerce to social media and performance marketing. We also have experience in providing solutions for more niche marketing roles such as Community Managers and Influencer Marketing Experts.



We have vast experience and market knowledge of product development and formulations, helping to place candidates who are regulatory experts, as well as Brand Managers and Developers.


Indie Beauty

At Goodall Brazier, our niche expertise lies in the indie beauty industry. Our target market in this sector is brands that are using not only brick and mortar stores, but digital marketing and e-commerce also. We work alongside established founders and CEOs who are looking for highly-qualified candidates to develop their evolving brands even further.