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How the increased demand for mental health services has affected C-suite talent management in the healthcare industry

20th November 2019 | Jonathan Duffield

How the increased demand for mental health services has affected C-suite talent management in the healthcare industry

Mental health services were historically the reserve of the few and misunderstood; thankfully, this is no longer the case. 

Mental health problems have become accepted as just as much a part of life as physical ailments, with psychological issues now being known as one of the primary causes of the overall disease burden worldwide.

This acceptance and increased understanding of the commonality of emotional wellbeing issues has led to an increased demand for mental health services, which in turn has pushed accelerated growth in the sector. 

Despite this progress, the industry is still struggling to meet the ever-increasing need, so why is this? 

Simply put, talent management hasn’t adjusted in proportion to the increased demand and has struggled due to a lack of proficient C-suite leaders who are equipped to drive success and innovation in this area. 

If your healthcare company wants to keep up, then this has to change.  

How essential is this for my healthcare business in the near future? 

The demand for mental health services is on the up, with no sign of slowing demand. Looking ahead to the near future, we can see that focussing your talent management strategy on mental health services couldn’t be more relevant. 

In the UK alone, the government has recently announced a £70 million investment, as a part of a pledged £975 million investment for community mental health services.

Another example can be seen in New York, USA, where recently it was announced in the New York Post that there would be a “$37 million investment to close gaps in services for those with serious mental illness.” 

This reflects the serious discrepancy between the mental health services that are currently available, and those that are needed. These are examples of just a couple of many moves being made across communities worldwide to increase the availability of mental health services that are sorely lacking. 

By viewing these figures, it is clear that the public health providers are already taking note of the need for investment in mental health, and to avoid following suit could be an unwise move. It’s clear that it is paramount that your healthcare company reacts to this trend rapidly in order to stay in stride with competition, and not to miss the chance to fill a vital gap in the market.

Adjusting your C-suite talent management strategy 

For your business to react to the increased demand in mental health service, it is essential that you adjust your C-suite talent management strategy. 

To profit from the mental health services boom, it is crucial to seek leaders in the healthcare industry that have in-depth experience driving success in this area on an organisational scale, while possessing the positive leadership qualities that are needed in this demanding sector.

C-Suite leaders in this area will also need to possess a “softer” skill set, meaning they are able to be more personable, empathetic and collaborative. It is also key that they have an understanding of ground-breaking technologies in the mental health field that could improve mental health services, and the quality of patients lives. 

In order to find such a leader, a detailed global search will likely have to be undertaken. Goodall Brazier are global search experts, and have experienced talent management professionals that specialise in healthcare with industry contacts that span back several years. 

By using our talent management expertise, you can save your company from unnecessary and time-consuming searches. 

To learn more about how Goodall Brazier can help your business harness the mental health services boom through talent management, email me today: