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How talent management can prepare your renewable energy business for growth

12th December 2019 | Phil Johnson

How talent management can prepare your renewable energy business for growth

The renewable energy sector is booming; the industry is projected to surpass a worth of $2.15 trillion by 2025. In Britain alone, we are now obtaining more power from zero-carbon sources than from fossil fuels, with no signs of this continually expanding sector slowing down.

The boom in renewables is predominantly being driven by businesses across the world. As more and more giant corporations join the fight against climate change, the number of companies that have committed to renewable energy schemes and made pledges such as by joining companies on The Climate Group’s RE100 list – which aims to reach 100% renewable energy usage by 2030 – continues to grow, with the RE100 list including corporate behemoths such as Barclays, Ralph Lauren Corporation and Virgin Media. 

This, in turn, is upping the demand for renewable energy at an exponential rate, sending the sector into a period of extreme growth.

To prepare your renewable energy business for this continued expansion, it is incredibly advantageous to use a strategic talent management plan to ensure that your business has leaders in place that are equipped to drive growth and innovation. 

So how can talent management help with this? 

Global and diverse leadership 

Expert talent management on a global scale can have many benefits for your business, as it opens up a wider pool of skilled and diverse talent to choose from. 

By adopting a global approach to talent management, your renewable energy business can expect to benefit from fresh viewpoints and a wider perspective of the global renewable energy market. This could prove invaluable as your business grows and expands into what would have previously been considered unfamiliar territory.

Adopting a global search for leaders is imperative to foster a company culture of inclusivity and innovation. With leaders in place that have experience with renewable energy technologies and market places from across the world; your business is placing itself in good stead for a more connected and diverse future.

Experienced and forward-thinking leaders 

A talent management strategy can also also key to obtaining leaders who have in-depth experience in renewable energy, and that are also known thought-leaders who are always on the front foot and driving change on an organisational scale to prepare for the future. 

This is especially crucial in the renewable energy sector at present, as the rise in demand calls for leaders that have their finger on the pulse of changes in the industry. This is particularly important in terms of technological innovation. 

In order to compete in the fast-growing renewables sector, your business needs to be pressing forward with the latest and greatest technology available – and anticipating the next big thing. 

This is only possible with a C-suite that has leaders who are not only profoundly experienced, but who are also continually learning and have a passion for the future of the industry. This is essential as competition grows, as having the best leaders in place to drive success in your business is crucial in a market that is becoming increasingly saturated with start-ups looking for a slice of the renewable energy boom. 

An expertly considered talent management can help your business to find such leaders through careful search and selection. Here at Goodall Brazier, our specialist renewable energy experts have years of experience and a wealth of global connections with the most talented leaders in the field. 

This unrivalled access to the ‘best in class’ leaders is what sets Goodall Brazier apart, and makes our services invaluable to your business. 

We have specialist recruiters in areas of renewable energy such as manufacturing (OEMs), distribution, private equity, project management, service, finance and IT. 

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can develop and support your talent management strategy.