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How talent management can help push innovation in your renewable energy business

10th October 2019 | Phil Johnson

How talent management can help push innovation in your renewable energy business

The renewable energy sector has innovation at its heart. As a relatively new industry, pushing innovation from the very top is a priority in order to lead the way for leaner and greener energy alternatives.

Without this, renewable energy businesses may find their offering stagnating, as they fall behind technological leaps. So, how can your company avoid this? 

Utilising a talent management strategy that has innovation at its heart ensures that your leadership team is packed with the C-suite heroes of the future. Here at Goodall Brazier, we identify and engage with the best talent in the renewable energy sector, and consider it paramount to provide you with the best fit for your business.

We do this by looking for talent that possesses qualities that will help to drive and implement innovative change within your business. 

So, how exactly does talent management do this? 

By taking a global and diverse approach to talent 

By taking a more global and diverse approach to talent management, your business is opening itself up to a wider pool of talent, and a “flow of ideas between markets” according to Deloitte.

A global and diverse talent management strategy aims to bring fresh viewpoints and experiences to leadership teams, to reinvigorate thought processes that may have become stale, and bring new knowledge of the renewables industry that will influence the future success of your business. 

This strategy of talent management places your business in good stead for the future, as well as the present, as by ensuring that your business has diverse and global talent, you are directly aligning yourself with the future of the renewable energy market: multicultural and non-gender specific. 

Delaying in doing so may mean your leadership team are unconsciously blind to opportunities to innovate, which will ultimately negatively affect the success of your business. 

Looking for leaders with an understanding of the current climate

This is especially important for leaders in the renewable energy sector. Renewable energy is often the hot topic of the day, due to the buzz around climate change. 

Figures and groups such as Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion have brought the issue of the rapid decline of the world’s climate to the forefront of the modern psyche, making 2019 truly the year of environmental protest and awareness. 

Tracking data from polling company YouGov has shown that the environment is considered to be the third most pressing issue among the UK public, reflecting the gravity of the topic. 

The prevalence of the environment in the media makes it absolutely crucial that your leaders have their finger on the pulse of the public’s expectations of renewable energy, so that they can continue to take advantage of the opportunities that increased environmental awareness present this rapidly growing sector. 

Targeting technological thought leaders

The renewable energy sector is a technological powerhouse, in that there is constant urgency to evolve older technologies to make way for newer and more efficient products. 

Staying in step with competitors demands that your C-suite has an in-depth understanding of the complexities of renewable tech, and a history of driving technological progress in their previous roles. 

It is also important that these people are thought leaders when it comes to renewable energy technology, as this will add a new level of technological depth to your leadership team that will help to drive innovation on an organisational scale. 

In conclusion

Ultimately, your business should have a talent management strategy in place that considers the above, and more based on in-depth analysis of the role that you are recruiting for, and the state of the industry at that point. 

Talent is the single greatest asset of any business, as your talent is your business’ only true source of innovation and the driver of success. So, it’s important to use professional talent managers like Goodall Brazier that have experience securing the very best talent in the industry. 

We possess an unrivalled level of dedication to our clients and have specialist recruiters in areas of renewable energy such as manufacturing (OEMs), distribution, private equity, project management, service, finance and IT. 

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can develop and support your talent management strategy.