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How C-suite executive recruitment is impacting civil engineering megaprojects in the US

17th January 2020 | Conor Firth

How C-suite executive recruitment is impacting civil engineering megaprojects in the US

The engineering and construction industry in the US is currently benefiting from a rise in the number of megaprojects that are underway or being planned in the civil engineering space. Consultancy firm Roland Berger estimates that the global market for megaprojects is around USD 8 trillion per year – which accounts for approximately 8% of global GDP spent on megaprojects every year. 

Megaprojects – defined as large-scale projects costing USD 1 billion or more from end to end – are incredibly complex operations. The sheer size of them, alongside the range of technologies, resources and elaborate design considerations means that they require dedicated and experienced leadership in order to be successfully executed. 

The nature of such projects, therefore, denotes that leadership on these projects must command extensive technical knowledge, as well as having a masterful grasp upon the softer skills of leadership such as fronting a team and maintaining the integrity of a company’s cultural values. After all, megaprojects are time heavy, and people skills are an absolute must if employees are to maintain morale and work to a high standard throughout.

The importance of experienced leadership on civil engineering megaprojects is only increasing as time goes on; the accelerated pace of modernisation and the continuous, ever-inflating migration of people from the countryside into cities (around 3 million people move to cities every week in the US) forces civil engineering megaprojects to be bigger, more daring and far more technical in design and execution than ever before. 

This is where executive C-suite executive recruitment comes in.

The effect of C-suite executive recruitment on civil engineering megaprojects in the US

C-suite executive recruitment is having a huge impact on the way that civil engineering megaprojects are conducted in the US, and also how successful they are. 

C-suite executive recruitment gives civil engineering and construction businesses access to the leading talent in this sector, not only from the US but from across the world. This means that talent management strategies can be put in place that not only seek out incredible leaders but leaders that have the experience, skill-sets and leadership qualities that are required for specific megaprojects. 

For example, if a civil engineering and construction business was undertaking a megaproject that involved building highways on difficult terrain, which is an incredibly complicated technical challenge, the business could find a leader with experience with a similar project through the process of C-suite executive recruitment. The same applies to whether the project requires a leader with in-depth knowledge of new technologies, ecological building processes and much more.

The benefit of this is that construction businesses can use C-suite executive recruitment to put the best possible leaders in place to lead civil engineering megaprojects, thereby increasing the chances of the projects success and the smoothest possible execution. This, in turn, contributes towards the overall profitability of the project, which is an important factor to consider when around 90% of megaprojects are significantly delayed or over budget. 

In summary

The impact that C-suite executive recruitment has upon civil engineering megaprojects in the US is that operations are becoming smoother, projects more profitable and ideas and technology implementations increasingly innovative. 

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