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5 of the biggest beauty trends your business needs to look out for in 2020

8th January 2020 | Daniel Appleton

5 of the biggest beauty trends your business needs to look out for in 2020

2020 has arrived, and along with it the latest hair and beauty trends. To keep the offering of your beauty business fresh and relevant, it’s essential that your business is up to date with the trends that are set to shape the new year.

2019 saw extreme contouring, flowing locks and thick brows – so what does this year have in store?

I’ve put together my top 5 beauty trends in 2020 for your beauty business to keep an eye on!

Niche Beauty

Niche and independent beauty brands, such as Huda Beauty and Beauty Pie, are the fastest-growing sector of the beauty market and are set to take the world by STORM in 2020. 

The popularity of niche brands can be put down to the modern customer’s need to experience beauty through brands that are more authentic and in-touch with the consumer with the products they sell, whilst also being more transparent and honest as corporations. 

For all of the ins and outs on the rise of niche and independent beauty read our blog!  


Genderless Beauty 

2019 saw gender-neutral beauty gain a foothold in the beauty world, with movements such as #makeuphasnogender gaining huge support on social media platforms such as Instagram. 

The gender-neutral beauty movement is set to gain even more traction in 2020, with inclusive brands such as Milk Makeup and Illamasqua fuelling and supporting its popularity with their non-gendered beauty ranges and marketing. 

This is one to watch if your beauty business hasn’t yet broadened its offering to all genders – the future, not just 2020, is all about being inclusive. You may also want to consider diversifying your talent pool to ensure that your business has people that can offer varied viewpoints and help to understand alternate sectors of the beauty market, and tap into trends like gender-neutral beauty.


Indie Fragrances 

Niche and indie fragrances made a mark upon the fragrance industry in 2019, making up 10% of the total sales of this lucrative sector. Brands such as Le Labo and Byredo have muscled in on the market and created household names out of the sought-after scents of their cult fragrances. 

Indie and niche fragrance brands offer consumers opportunities to personalise their scent, something the fragrance giants have neglected, and package their scents in chic bottles with distinctive names like “Gypsy Water” and “Cowboy Grass” that lend an air of mystery and attract the modern, thoughtful consumer. 

For your business to take full advantage of the trend for niche and personalised scents, it may be that your business needs leaders with extensive experience in this sector. A talent management strategy that includes executive search on a global scale could be the answer to sourcing talented leaders in this area to help guide your business towards success. 

For all the details on the meteoric rise of indie fragrances, why not read our blog?


Natural beauty and glowing skin 

Say goodbye to the over-contoured look of the 2010’s – it’s time for natural beauty to re-take the stage in 2020. 

2020 will be the year that REAL skin becomes the big beauty focus. People are beginning to embrace the skin they’re in, and are shunning traditional beauty standards by opting to go without makeup. As movements supporting skin conditions such as vitiligo and acne gain traction on social communities, the normalcy of “baring all” is increasing. 

The trend for natural skin has started to take over the backstage of runways, with teams of skincare experts delivering facial massages pre-makeup for that sought after “post-facial glow”, this is set to increase in 2020 as the fashion world follows the trend for “less is more”.


The “skinification” of hair care

Haircare is getting an upgrade – long gone are the days where a simple wash, dry and dash of serum would do. Hair care routines in 2020 are set to be just as complex and essential as your daily skincare regimen. 

The “skinification” of hair care means that hair formulas are becoming more and more focused on scalp and follicle health as well as nourishing strands.  

From sheet masks, exfoliators, toners oils, SPFs and moisture mists, there’s plenty out there for consumers to add to their normal hair care routine come 2020. If your beauty business wants to take advantage of this growing trend, then you may want to consider expanding upon your current product range to offer products to help consumers “skinify” their routines in 2020.



Niche beauty, genderless beauty, indie fragrance, natural beauty and the “skinification” of haircare are the big beauty trends of 2020 that your brand needs to be aware of. 

In order for your beauty business to reap the benefits of 2020’s biggest trends, it is imperative that your leaders have the relevant skills and experience to help guide your business towards success. 

Here at Goodall Brazier, we have a specialist team of expert talent managers who can help your business to find leaders that will take your beauty business to the next level this 2020. To find out more about how we can help your beauty business take advantage of emerging trends through talent management, contact Goodall Brazier today.